Custo Barcelona

Custo Dalmau, known as Custo Barcelona, is Spanish designer, who started his own business with his brother in 1980. This year he started a successful cooperation with Idesa Parfumes.
The inspiration for the brand was the brothers' long trip during which they travelled all around the world and discovered various artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions. They got particularly interested in the typical Californian style they saw on surfers and the psychedelic look. Colorful and innovative fashion trends caught their eye and tehy desided to bring the style back with them to Spain. Those were the beginnings of the brand launched under the name “Custo Line”.
The first perfume by the house was presented in October 2008. It is an edition for women, an eternal combination of fashion, culture, journeys and mysterious secrets which will be revealed by the future. This modern edition was presented in creator Custo Barcelona's style: with a wide range of colours and unusual modernistic expression worth your attention.
The earliest edition was created in 2008 and the newest is from 2014.

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