Chantal Thomass

The Chantal Thomass brand was founded by Chantal in 1975 in Paris. Chantal Thomass, Paris-born fashion designer, She broke with tradition by using very unusual fabrics in her creations, such as wax clothing, flannelette and Lurex mesh. Her bohemian sense of style attracted numerous icons of that day and age, including Brigette Bardot.
The most important event of 2011 was the Chantal Thomass brand joining Groupe Chantelle. Products of the Chantal Thomass brand can be obtained in 18 countries worldwide today and collections are presented in fashion shows and in boutiques. The products bring a touch of glamour and luxury to every woman.
Designer Chantal Thomass has 5 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2002 and the newest is from 2010.

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